Corn Salsa Recipe

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This summer salsa recipe is an excellent way to throw some raw foods in with your cooked. Loads of nutrient deliciousness that can spice up many a meals!
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About HealthyHappyJess

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Sharing my research/knowledge on my Healthy Happy journey. Health, relationship, passion coach, actor, and truth seeker. Vegan, Gluten-Free, High Carb, Low Fat, Plant based, RawTill4. Ⓥ

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The SHORT of it: I’m extremely passionate about healthy eating, lifestyle, relationships and living your passion. I am here to share all I learn in my continuous journey to health, longevity, anti-disease, and beauty that is AGELESS. To always be as healthy and happy as I can be in every area of my life and inspire YOU to do the same.

Being Healthy and Happy means always seeking TRUTH, getting informed, never turning a blind eye, getting educated, getting involved and making a difference.
Always working to be the very best you can be in every area.

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