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Ultimate Beauty Essentials Guide: Hair & Body (Cruelty-Free)

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I’ve always been SUPER into body care, like really, really into it… I remember growing up always having the latest product line from Bath & Body Works, I mean, the entire line, everything from the scrub to the thick body cream in a jar. I would go through the routine steps of getting the ultimate clean, soft and glowing skin from head to toe and smell amazing on top of it! This has become a process that I actually enjoy, …

Eat Drink Vegan 2017

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Come along as I explore Eat Drink Vegan’s Beer and Food Festival 2017! It was my first time attending and I ran into so many other vegan YouTubers and bloggers! This is a super quick video I put together to share a glimpse into what it’s like at the Rosebowl event, even though there was SO much I left out and so many other people that I didn’t include…I’ve got to work on balancing enjoying the event and filming at …

5 Easy Tips on Switching to a Healthy + GF/Vegan Diet (on a Budget)

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I’ve spent most of my adult life eating healthy… I find it to be the single most important thing to do to look your best, feel your best and prevent illness. It’s an investment, as a matter of fact, I probably spend more on healthy food and supplements than on any other thing. The reason for this is because I believe you pay for it now or you pay for it later… With that being said, it honestly doesn’t have …


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New video….this might be a bit controversial but it NEEDS TO BE SAID! Should vegans shower? Use shampoo? No Poo? Watch until the end because I talk to a hair care expert Patrice Perrone and a comedian Jamie Anne Allman to get to the bottom of this issue in an informative yet entertaining way that will hopefully get the conversation rolling and the showers steaming…write your two cents below! ❤  

2017 Happy Planner Shopping

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Met up with my friend Carmyn Segura and we went to Michaels in search of my new 2017 Happy Planner! Carmyn explains all about the planners and helps me pick out my accessories! Check out what I ended up with in the video below… Pancakes and Planners!! This Happy Planner is SO MUCH FUN!!!   Pancakes and Planner 💕 Have you seen my latest vid where I go shopping for this new #HappyPlanner?? If not, link is in my bio!! …

Andrea Cox Cleans Out My Fridge + Behind the Scenes Fun

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Did you catch it? I went LIVE on Facebook with the beyond beautiful and amazing Andrea Cox over the weekend! Although I was nervous because it was my first time live, we had SO much fun! You can tell by all the giggles 😆 I’ve been following Andrea for well over 4+ year (even before I was vegan 😱) and I’ve always felt she was a soul sister as we see eye to eye on so many things, plus she …

5 Ways to the Perfect Day~ For Real~ Vlog

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Today I go on a hike and encourage you to think about your dream life, I show you vegan winter breakfast ideas, I talk about how matcha is the new coffee, I take you on a drive and tell you the 5 elements of a solid great day…inspired by one of my favorite books, The 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (and adding my 2 cents as well), my AWESOME Vitacost haul and how I make my …

Body Update + Am I Still Vegan? Vlogmas #2

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New Video!!! ♥

My Vegan Thanksgiving + Vlogmas Day 1

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Check out my latest vlog where I show you my prep work for my organic, gluten-free, plant-based, whole-food FEAST! This is the third year in a row I made a vegan Thanksgiving for the fam… Here is the video…also, I’ll post info on my other 2 vegan Thanksgiving below with recipes and posts!  

Meal Prep with Me + CHICKPEA CRAZY!!

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In case you missed it over on YouTube…meal prep with me! I made a versatile cashew sour cream (cheese) that you can pair with SO many dishes + it’s great to have on hand. I also make chickpea “tuna” salad, braised coconut chickpeas and I give tips on preparing dried beans and cleaning your greens!   Also, here is my FAMOUS Chickpea cookie recipe!